Cloud Cleanse


Cloud Cleanse is a highly versatile, portable deep cleansing system, by dispensing a harmless disinfectant mist, which provides a visual indication of coverage, and leaving no trace, with no wiping down required. The Cloud Cleanse system can sanitise large and small spaces in a matter of minutes, in fact any enclosed space imaginable.

This product contains a high-level disinfectant, effective against enveloped viruses as defined in EN14476, which includes all coronaviruses and SARS-CoV2. Cloud Cleanse protects your staff and clients, your home, family and pets, from harmful bacteria, viruses and spores.

Cloud Cleanse is a single person operating system that requires no specialist training. This system can ensure that all those hard to reach places, in an enclosed space, are disinfected effectively and is completely safe, with no detrimental effect on people, animals, foodstuffs or fittings.

It is designed to support regular cleaning regimes where an effective and rapid solution can be deployed with the minimum of downtime.

For commercial premises, this system can offer significant savings on labour and cleaning time and provide businesses with the opportunity to keep their premises or vehicles fully operational with little disruption and providing staff and customers with a SAFE & HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT.

The uniqueness of Cloud Cleanse is not solely down to its sanitising properties but also its remarkable dispersal and safety aspects.

Unlike most other disinfectants, the active agents within Cloud Cleanse are constructed entirely from trusted ingredients resulting in a highly effective, fast acting and ecologically friendly disinfectant procedure.

What are the benefits of Cloud Cleanse?

· Powerful sanitising

· Highly effective

· Fast acting

· Ecologically friendly

· Quick to use and downtime is minimal – saving labour time

· Dry dispersal, over- all more cost effective than wet methods

· No need to remove paper, plants, electronics, or furnishings

· Small and large indoor areas, such as retail, offices, houses, trains, restaurants, doctor & dental surgeries, hospital wards, care homes, kennels, fitness centres, pubs & bars, the list is endless.

Organic and Safe

• High end disinfectant product that is noncarcinogenic.

• Completely safe around food, humans, animals, and plant life.

• Constructed entirely from trusted ingredients. Unlike most chlorine based/chlorine releasing products, Cloud Cleanse does not:

· Corrode metals

· Affect electronics

· Leave surfaces damp

· Cause bleaching

· Cause respiratory problems (proven to be safe around asthmatics)

· Irritate skin

· React with acids or urine

· Lose activity/effectiveness when stored

· Become unstable when in contact with organic materials.

Safety Assessment


All the ingredients in the High-Level Disinfectant were selected as ones known to be safely used in many skin products. The quaternary ammonium compounds are also used safely in the food industry and have been for many decades. Therefore, all the individual ingredients have high safety profiles.

Cloud Cleanse High Level Disinfectant fogging agent is free of flammable solvents, halides and phenols.

Environmental Profile

The High-Level Disinfectant is biodegradable under the European and American requirements.


Cloud Cleanse fluid is supplied in standard 1, 5 or 25 litre containers requiring no special storage requirements. The product does not react with any acid or alkaline based cleaning materials to date tested.